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A helpful guide to show you how to reduce your living expenses and improve your quality of life by moving to another country.Regular price: $59.99. Special pricing during launch:

Meet the Author πŸ‘‹

A selfie of me in NYC just before I left the US.

Hey there, I'm Ben, nice to meet you!

I'm the solo founder of Leave the US, I've left the US myself, and I made this guide to give you the information I wish I had before embarking on my own journey and departing the US for greener pastures.

I know firsthand that traveling to, let alone moving to another country, can be a hugely daunting task. It can even feel "wrong" if you were brought up to believe that the US is the best country in the world.

A picture of me on an island in Indonesia

I also understand how you're feeling on a personal level because I spent 6 months of my own time and significant mental energy researching and preparing for my own move to Thailand.

Before that, I spent the last 10 years of my life doing extensive global travel to Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands, Israel, Morocco, China, and many other locations around the world.So, if there's a concern you have about your move, chances are I've encountered and overcome it myself over the last 10 years!

A picture of me eating street food in Malaysia

With that said, I hope my guide and this community helps you reduce your stress and makes your decision to leave that much easier.

What's in it for me? 🀷

Required disclaimer: All content provided is for informational purposes only. This is not legal or tax advice, and you should consult a CPA and/or legal professional before making any decisions.

Through the guide and community membership, you'll learn how to:

🧠 Make the decision to leave and mentally prepare yourself. Understand how to best inform loved ones of your decision.

🌎 Choose a country to live in while retaining the creature comforts of the US at a fraction of the price.

βœ‰οΈ Receive your personal and business mail while you're overseas with an exclusive discount. Learn the difference between types of mailboxes and how to pick the right one.

🏦 Keep your existing US bank and brokerage accounts open the right way. Avoid account closures and rejected payments caused by incorrect settings. Careful: using certain types of mailing addresses can cause your financial accounts to be closed without warning. We'll tell you which ones to avoid.

☎️ Keep and use your US phone number overseas without paying expensive roaming charges or having to update your contacts.

🏧 Avoid pesky ATM fees entirely by signing up for the right bank accounts, brokerages, and investment platforms before you leave.

πŸ›‚ Acquire a foreign residence visa on your own for $0 and save yourself the legal fees. Don't waste your money paying "expat relocation consultants" tens of thousands of dollars - Leave the US will show you how to get it done yourself for free.

πŸ’Έ Optimize your business and personal tax structure to pay $0 in state income taxes in a business-friendly state. LLC formation tips, detailed operating and legal cost comparison chart included for free. Learn about why income tax isn't the only concern, and why forming in certain states will negatively impact your ability to hire contractors and introduce unnecessary legal fees that are easily avoided elsewhere.

🏑 Find the right housing by applying your own criteria using weighted averages. Learn about the price negotiation techniques that are most effective in different parts of the world and how to avoid offending locals. Free calculator included.

πŸ₯ Find the right international health insurance plan for your personal situation. Detailed comparisons between all the major plans included. Learn about claim turnaround times and direct billing to figure out who will get back to you the fastest in the event of a medical problem.

πŸ”₯ Compute your personal burn rate to figure out how long your funds will last in another country and see how many years you have left to live (in monetary terms, not in health terms of course!) with a free spreadsheet.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Connect with other US Citizens going through the same thing you are in a private Discord community.


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